The world runs on the fuel of coffee and communications. These two artistic expressions are the most influential platforms in our modern society. It's over coffee that creatives explore and build their art and it's through communications that those art forms are shared and enjoyed by the world over. The beauty of art is that it's a mutual language spoken in every country of the world – you don’t need a translator to tell your story! Through the innovation of coffee expression and latte art, and the world of communications, team up with God, share His stories and make a change in the world!

At YWAM Brisbane, we have fully established ministries in these areas knowing the impact they will have going into the future. The Meeting Place cafe is a not-for-profit cafe on our centre where aspiring baristas and young people interested in small business ministry receive training while being immersed completely in the Australian coffee culture. 

We also have a Creative Development Ministry Team which focuses on communications and media. From graphic design, journalism/blogging, video production, web development, and marketing, visual artists have a place to use their creative gifts for influencing the online mission field. 

This Discipleship Training School allows you to deepen your relationship with the Creator as well as learn to influence the world around you with your gifts and talents. That’s what it’s all about!