Our base is committed to reaching out to the rural and coastal towns of Queensland. Our Beach to Bush DTS - which is offered in February and August each year - is our main tool for this ministry. However, other ministries and DTSs take part in it as well. With more young people leaving these rural and coastal towns, we want to bring the energy and passion of our young people to bless and encourage these communities.

In the rural communities we want to bless the pastors and church leadership with intercession and worship, children’s programs, preaching in churches as well as practical things such as painting and mowing lawns. We also have a huge heart for the youth in these towns and we work to train them to be competent and confident in sharing their faith with others. To accomplish this we teach them practical skills, such as how to share their faith, and work with the youth to discover how they can impact their school and the youth of their community.

Beach to Bush also travels to a number of coastal communities to minister to tourists and backpackers. This is often done through lifestyle and friendship evangelism. We stay at backpacker hostels and campsites in order to connect with other travelers. Many people who are traveling are searching for more from life, both in the natural and the spiritual, and we often get opportunities to share the Gospel with them.