Most of us know the song “Amazing Grace” and the well know line “Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me”, and in this context Grace is being referred to as the attribute of God which is Grace which is to give/ do someone a favour and is founded in the giving of Jesus on the cross, that is the amazing grace. 

But today we have many contexts and meanings for Grace – grace upon you, she danced gracefully, He said grace before dinner, Greg graced us with his presence, saved by grace, etc. So, what is it when you use the word grace? What is the meaning to you? 

Thinking about this and digging a little bit in reflection upon the context of grace, the Old Testament grace was used to define Favour “Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord” Genesis 6:8 and giving either that of blessing or similar there of ‘Grace is poured upon your lips” Psalm 45:2. Either way Grace is something that is given that we cannot obtain ourselves but must be received from someone else. 

In the New Testament one verse stands out 2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” The idea that God's grace is sufficient for us, we can agree that God's grace of giving us Jesus is paramount to our faith and salvation but what else could He give to us that will morph our weakness into a strength He can use? I don’t think it is a simple answer nor could it be explained in a short manner the best shot to throw at it would be stating it as Him gifting us aspects of Himself to help us times when those aspects are needs like peace, joy, wisdom, patience, etc. 

How can we apply this right now in the season of Christmas and in the celebration of Jesus? 
Christmas is a time of reflection for most people and families on the birth of Jesus, a child graced to us. Even the “spirit” of the season is to grace each other with gifts and presents. To actively engage in spreading grace we can take the viewpoint of how God views us and when seeing someone in need or lacking what we have living out grace and blessing that person/s with what we have. 

This could be a homeless person on the street and inviting them to wash and eat and have new clothes and not just do this as a once off but staying connected with them and being a constant source of grace for them and blessing them, spending time with your family no matter if they annoy you or frustrate you or there is conflict but gracing them with your presence and blessing them with love and joy and the best you can do. Spending time with orphans and bringing them into the fold of your family during Christmas. Going onto the streets and handing out water and food and making sure people get home safely at night after drinking too much or partying too hard. 

These all require something of us on top of our time, but if we know that by God giving us grace we are blessed and are changed then we should see the value in giving grace to others and knowing that it gives them the ability to change as well. 

The power of grace is sufficient and made whole in Jesus. 


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