We as a base are ever-growing. As our history has progressed, we’ve chronically stayed in a place of tension. Having such a visionary heart, we remain in a place of “I don’t know how to do this, I don’t have the means, but much is required, so here we go. Let’s make this happen.”

Laced into our DNA is a deep desire and drive to explode as beautiful lights all over the world: the places we walk, the words we talk, the faraway places we call home, and the countries we think long gone… Stringing fairy lights on every corner of darkness. We’ve had the blessing of growing and leaving strands of light all over the world by planting new YWAM bases, making disciples of many nations, and serving abroad; of changing atmospheres and bringing peace to dark places.
But this year, as our base is internally growing stronger, we’ve been able to hang a few strands of light in our own home.

The community room is a place where we gather regularly. It is the living room of our home here and although it has gotten the job done, it hasn’t aesthetically or functionally had the same sparkle as it did in our hearts. The time recently came where we became able to actually renovate and show externally what we saw internally. New paint, new lighting and electrical work, network cabling, working screens, a functioning soundboard and sound system.

Tending to the space we call home so that we as a family can come and be reminded of the deeper beauty of what we’re a part of.

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves what our light looks like, how its beauty is not lost, but shines brightly and is not overcome. The nations, although many, are not forgotten. The time spent building relationships overseas, although short, is not fruitless. The countless hours of pushing and pushing, although seemingly small steps, is not in vain.

The beauty of our mission, ever-faithfully shining.