ShineGirl is a program YWAM Brisbane partners with. We add our manpower to that of a local church and go into schools in the community. Started by Hillsong, Shine is a nine-week journey speaking into the areas of worth, strength and purpose. It is unique in the way that it helps with personal development and group mentoring. During the sessions of worth we focus on understanding that everyone is valuable. We can celebrate how we are all one-of-a-kind. Strength explores the power of choice and how we make decisions that will shape our future. We end the program by looking at purpose and how everyone is created with personal hopes, dreams and desires.  

The basis of the Shine journey is that everyone is made with intrinsic value. Our value is linked to our being. We teach the girls that our worth is not dependent on whether we have a job, what is our circumstance or what has happened in the past. Experiences we go through do not affect or determine our value.

Every term we run Shine in 2-4 schools with a variety of ages and needs. We have worked with students with disabilities, grade six’s and those in high school. On the last lesson the girls graduate the program where we all come together, eat food and celebrate each girl. They get a chance to share one thing they have learnt and it is always exciting to rejoice with them in that testimony.

Every week the girls leave with a gift, anything from skittles to shampoo and conditioner. Throughout the journey they are given cards with inspiring quotes to encourage them to keep going. After the journey the girls will contact us and thank us for coming. Commonly they decorate their mirrors and wardrobes with those cards and love sharing a photo with us.
Shine is all about the one. Every facilitator loves what they do and so we hold on to the gems that the girls give us. Here is a short testimony that we received from one student.

“I really just wanted to thank you for such an amazing term. This term has been challenging for me with the workload, but especially socially and internally. Some issues this term have really destroyed everything that I thought I knew about myself. I became really shy and my self-confidence was completely destroyed. Shine was one of the only things other than my family that really pulled me through. You have been such a role model to me and being able to spend time with you has really helped me a lot. Hopefully I see you again, and I hope to keep in touch, God Bless you.”