As I go in to schools I often teach kids about comparison. I teach them about embracing themselves so that they can celebrate who they are and the gifts God has given them.

As we prepared for our trip to Peru, we had a few things planned, but I was unsure how God wanted to use me specifically. However it didn't take long for us to see what God was up to. He used our team in incredible ways. Elyssa and Hannah are amazing musicians and able to lead people in worship right to the core of the Fathers heart. Lesley has felt called in to nursing and will start studying this September. Jake and I enjoy teaching and are eager to grow in this area. Together, we love music and the power it brings. 

Although this trip was one of the most emotionally, spiritually and physically exhausting, I felt so near to God. In situations where I normally would have felt weak, I felt closest to His grace.

s God did so much, there are many stories to share. Over the next few weeks I would like to share those with you, so God can be glorified through the testimonies. 

To sum up our trip; we spent our first week in the Amazon jungle where we worked with Hannah’s family and their kids home. While there our week consisted of decorating a bedroom, teaching the Shine and Strength program, worshiping at one of the worlds top 10 ugliest towers, and worship and prayer in the jungle. Following this we headed to Cusco for two weeks; God opened up so many doors. We taught on the Discipleship Training School, prayed and worshiped in hospitals, did art and music on the street, prayed at abortion clinics, taught Shine and Strength at a couple of schools, went in to a women's prison and hiked up mountains to do a couple of house visits. 

It was a life-changing three weeks; where all in all we spoke identity, prayed healing over people and released truth of who God is.

While visiting a Dialysis clinic, we were able to pray and sing worship over the patients in the waiting room. After a couple of visits, a paramedic came into the clinic and asked us if we would like to go to the public hospital and pray for the patients there. As we entered every hospital floor, Gods presence was so evident. God is near to the brokenhearted and He is just waiting for us to meet Him there. When we arrived we met with the head of media and she led us to each floor. My friend Elyssa wrote a song based on Hebrews 1. The head of media, unsure if she was a christian began sharing the gospel while explaining what her music was about. 

On a separate occasion we went into every room on one floor of a hospital praying for the two patients in each room. From cancer to people being paralyzed, we prayed for it all. As we entered the room, we sung the song Healer and asked if we could pray over the patients. A lot of family and friends were visiting so we were able to pray with them too. As we left each room, took a deep breath and entered the next, we did it all in Gods strength. The love He has for each individual felt so pure and tangible. The most challenging part for me was when I read ‘Niño’s’ (kids) on the door, I almost couldn't enter imagining what those kids were going through. A mother was crying by her sons side, blaming herself and believing that because she had fallen away from God, He was punishing her. We were able to share with her that this isn't who God is. His character is not one who leaves us or punishes us when we do something wrong. Rather He is stepping closer towards us. As we drop our arms in praise, He stretches His arms wider.

It was powerful to see how when we prayed, the patients were open to receive. God brought hope to what seemed like a hopeless situation. People were able to restore their perspective of who they saw God as. 

I want to say a huge thank you to you all for your continued support. Your prayers and generosity went a huge way and I first hand saw how it impacted so many.

-Becki Bowie

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