This very topic is one I have been thinking about quite a bit lately. I just had the privilege to go back to Switzerland for a month to visit friends and family. And I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop in Singapore, waiting my connecting flight to Malaysia this evening. I’m going home! What? I just came back from home, didn’t I?! Doesn’t matter, I’m going home, meeting my YWAM family and will leave again in a month for home in Australia. I’m not playing with words. My problem is not that I don’t feel home anywhere, in fact I’m most likely to feel super comfortable in a house of a stranger sleeping on the floor if I know it’s what I’m meant to do… Home is not a location, home for me has become the place I can feel God is leading me in and where I can be in total peace in my journey on this earth.

The very last evening before leaving Switzerland, I went to church and the pastor was giving an explanation about what “getting born again” meant. He took the example of a caterpillar having to die and get born again into a butterfly. (That’s basically an image about what happen when someone becomes a christian). Even if it wasn’t the subject of the evening, I got a new revelation out of it. I realised that for many years, I used to be a butterfly, but unfortunately a butterfly stuck on a branch. What’s the matter to become a butterfly (to receive a new life / become a christian) with amazing wings if I don’t use them? If we decide to become christians, God will always give us challenges and assignments to fulfil. It’s never a requirement, it’s always a choice for us to trust Him for what He is asking us and use our wings to accomplish whatever He leads us to. And I can tell you, jumping from my branch is still often scary, but it’s what gives me fulfilment in my life. And you probably get it, when I am fulfilled, I am HOME, it’s as simple as that.

While I was in Switzerland, I found it really sad to come across people that are clearly not feeling at home in their lives. Some have great families, jobs, friends, houses… but are lacking fulfilment in the way they are living their lives. I even heard some people telling me things like “I wish I would have had the courage to do what I felt called to do ages ago, but I was too scared and it’s now too late”. Those kinds of declarations just hurt me so deeply. Men, sometimes we are called to do scary things, stepping outside our comfort zones, jumping in something totally uncomfortable and unknown. Sometimes it clearly sucks, but I can tell you that after experimenting many of those crazy feelings to step out into situations I couldn’t understand or even imagine, I would do all of them again if I had to. Not because it was fun, but because it was every time worth it. Sometimes I still feel like those people I just described. I know inside of me what I am supposed to do but just doesn’t feel prepared / courageous / financially secure / charismatic,… enough. Well, this is simply lies and discouragement of the enemy. Because God always equiped me, helped me, encouraged me, provided for me… alongside the way. He still gave me the choice but I had to do the first step and go for it. I’d like to encourage YOU today. If there is a calling upon your life, a deep desire, something you know you are meant to do… and for some reason you resist to it, I’d like to encourage you to step out, find people encouraging you and believing in you and use your wings to fly into those situations! I dont judge you, I myself still struggle to let things go out of my own control sometimes. It’s hard, it’s scary, it’s irrational, but it’s the best think we can do!

Before I finish, I would also like to express thankfulness for all the people that help me to be at home in so many different settings and places. And I praise God as well for all the people I can see being at home and fulfilled in their lives (I saw some of those people while in Switzerland), because it’s just encouraging me to keep going and continue to follow the Holy Spirit leading me in great places.

That’s it, see you @ home!

-Philippe Schindler