When I search #liveauthentic what follows is hundreds of posts of vacation destinations, pristine lakes, huge mountains and many photos of model friends or model families come up. Now I love to look at these photos as much as anyone, they're beautiful. But I want to argue the fact that they aren't really showing off the true meaning of authenticity. Because if they were truly authentic would they be all over the internet?

(a.) an undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine.

I think the problem that exists today is we are so wrapped up in everyone else's seemingly "authentic" life that we forget how to live for ourselves. We check places like Pinterest and Instagram on a daily basis to find the perfect outfits, perfect families, perfect life. But is it really perfect? It seems pretty staged to me. Put there for us to find it and repin/repost for the next person to find and think we have the perfect outfit, perfect family and perfect life... and so continues the process. 

I think what we need to do is get our focus back to our own life. We need to find our purpose and not just survive in the place where we are, but truly live in it.  When we get our focus off of others in their "perfect" life then we realise instead of fantasizing what life could be, we can truly enjoy and live our own life.

God created us to live authentic and if we have Him then we truly have it all.  You can be assured that if you are walking with your gaze focused on Him and moving when He says go and stopping when He says stop then you are living the way He created you to live. Let's find our own authentic life instead of trying to live everyone else's. Are you with me?


-Sarah Martinez

Written for Set Apart with a Purpose