It's Australia Day! A very special day for all of us that call Australia home. Today, I'll rock up to a mates place with my swimmers and sunnies, grill up some lamb, and listen to Triple J's Hottest 100, and celebrate this great country that I love. As an American living here for over 2 years now and experiencing my fair share of Aussie culture, I wanted to write up my favourite things about Australia and why I love to call it home (if only for a time).  

5. Nature.


The beaches. The bush. The parks. Aussies love to be outside. And I get it, it's beautiful. With some of the most beautiful beaches in the world literally circling the entire country, paired with incredible mountains for bush walks and exploring, or one of the many city parks literally on every corner, natural beauty is all around you. 


4.  Arts and Culture Completely Surround You.


Australia is on the forefront of arts and culture. The norm is to be cutting-edge, innovative, and new. You can walk around the city and be immersed in creativity. With art, music, food, culture, Australians know how to make things cool. The kind of cool that you want to be a part of. And the amazing thing is, you can. There is an openness in the atmosphere to create and inspire, with the invitation extended to everyone.


3. Slang. 

I wasn't sure what picture to use for this so here's a roo because that's Aussie, right?

I wasn't sure what picture to use for this so here's a roo because that's Aussie, right?

How much can I say with as little effort as possible. I find find it completely fascinating and try to incorporate as much as I can without it sounding fake because of my accent. 

avo- avocado

arvo- afternoon

brekkie- breakfast

cuppa- cup of coffee

bikkies- biscuits (cookies)

tradie- tradesman

Maccas- McDonalds

And you know you've become part of the family when you get a nickname. Why use real names? 

Wayno- Wayne

Davo- Dave/David

Jono- Jonathan

Jacko- Jack

Ando- Andrew

Add an O to anything, really. It's incredible.




You absolutely don't know what a coffee can be until you've tasted the sweet artisanly crafted nectar Australians locally call the Flat White. The people here are serious about their coffee and their excellent dedication to craft produces excellent fruit. Liquid Gold. 

The culture of coffee is an all consuming one. There is a coffee shop or a cafe on every corner. Coffee is more than just a drink, it's a way of life and Australians are very proud of that. And I get to reap the benefits of this labor of love.

In all regards this should probably be Number 1 but I think there is just one more thing that makes this place so great...


1. Obviously, it's the people.


I have never felt out of place since I have moved here. The people of Australia are warm and inviting. Come in and be a part of the family. Their genuine friendliness is complimented by their ability to tell you how it is so you always know where you stand. The relaxed atmosphere of "no worries", "can't complain", and "too easy mate" is always said with a smile right before they roll up their sleeves and lend a hand to someone in need. It's always the people that make the place and Australians sure do make their home feel special. 


So three cheers for the land down under! Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!