Stretching Skin.

Our habits and abilities shape who we are. To grow is to develop new habits and abilities which shape us into something with new capabilities. To do this we must step into areas outside our comfort zones as complete beginners. Though these times almost always come with growing pains, the progression of self makes it worthwhile.

For the last three months, I’ve had my head in the Bible, reading through all 66 books, and intensively studying a portion of those books. I’ve never dedicated myself so fully to something until this course. I gave up nearly all leisure time and focused on the Word of God all day, 6 days a week. My life outside of this was reduced to the essentials, eating, sleeping and taking a day of rest once a week.

While this may sound extreme, I’m so grateful to have spent time laying this foundation of Truth in my life and contributing to ending Bible poverty among the church. Some nights I wanted to blow off my responsibilities and simply give up. But, each time I realised something new about God, or about myself, or humanity, or any mind-blowing truth, I felt the joy that only comes from the simultaneous experience of refreshment.

What struck me is the simplicity of it all. The truth is not something so complex that we must work and strive and reason to achieve. It’s something we can choose to accept and embrace. It’s not something that is so lofty that we can never see it, it exists in our reality and all who search for it with all they have can find it. Truth is in each one of us, and it is all around us, it’s up to us to open our eyes and see clearly.

Through this challenging experience, I can see so much more deeply into the character of God. He is not someone who is distant or petty, vindictive or spiteful. He is the uncreated creator, who has always been and created us to be with him. The deepest desire in the heart of God is love, pure and holy, relentless and scandalous love. His every action towards us comes from a place of desire for us to know Him. He never tries to confuse us and never acts maliciously towards us. He just wants us. In full. He wants us as we are, because He sees the full potential we have, to become like Him.

The principle is this: If we put ourselves in a situation we know will stretch us, and commit to following through with it until the end, we’ll find that we adapt to fill the empty space, and can accomplish things we never dreamed of and learn to grow along the way. We’re so much more capable than we often think, and by not doing things that push our boundaries, we’re depriving ourselves of becoming better versions of ourselves. We consigning ourselves to mediocrity.

Mikael Kolozsy (Bible Core Course Grad 2016)


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