We’ve all thought it a million times: “If only God would tell me His will, I would just do it.” We hum and haw until we drive ourselves crazy… and we are still never any closer to a decision!

It’s a frustrating reality that some of the most indecisive people we know are believers. We are meant to be reflections of Christ, yet instead of taking action we spend hours, weeks, months, analyzing every outcome. Our Lord is a god of action and freedom, yet we are so used to being slaves that we either wait to be ordered around, or tip toe around Him trying to anticipate His “needs” before He requests them. Instead of His will mobilizing us, we allow it to paralyze us.

Let me be clear; God isn’t like that. He isn’t a slave driver. He is our Father; our friend. He will guide us, offer advice, and counsel us, but He will not use our future as leverage to control us or manipulate us into His “perfect plan”. That is an abuse of a term that was meant to give us peace, not anxiety!

God will let you know if He thinks you’re making the wrong decision! You do not need worry about going down the wrong path for too long. Just think of Jonah and Saul. He will get your attention one way or the other! When it comes to “the right decision” though, I think the most obvious signs are the dreams and visions He’s placed inside us already. Of course be willing to sacrifice and put dreams on hold if He asks it of you- He is still Lord after all- but our dreams are meant to be explored, not suppressed. If God isn’t leading you another direction, He is giving you the freedom to explore the directions He painted on your heart!

Be discerning. Be in constant conversation with Him. Seek out His voice. Don't let your fear of making a decision, fear of commitment, or fear of failure get in the way of God's plan for your life. 

He paid dearly for your freedom, so get off the fence. Be bold. Live.

Nadia Husiman (Beach to Bush DTS Staff)

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