“Why does Jesus not show up in all his glory, in person, when we worship? Because then our worship would be involuntary.” –Bill Johnson

Worship is a lifestyle. Worship is in every breath acknowledging the only reason that breath is taken that God breathed life into us. Worship is a choice.  God is love and love isn’t love if we forced it. Worship is love, and worship isn't worship if we forced it.

I’m learning as we worship God, he then begins to shape us like a potter shapes clay on a wheel. He longs to develop our will to his will for our lives as we exalt and praise him. When we do that, there is this shaping and forming happening over time that is making us be more like him, not just for today, but for all eternity.

When we CHOOSE to worship him in thanksgiving, in the midst of adversity & in the midst of life being hard & as circumstances in our lives are looking utterly hopeless & as things continually happen that are out of our control. It’s then that our hearts and minds start to align with our spirit and we can praise him just for who he is and not for what are circumstances say. We can worship him in confidence that regardless of what our circumstances may say he continually remains the same. He is merciful, he is just, he is sovereign, he is faithful, and he is love. He is not too good to be true, he is that good, and he is that true. He deserves all of our worship. He deserves praise in the storm.

Can you imagine what it does to our Abba's heart when we are on our knees in worship, or in constant thanksgiving in worship in the little and the big, when circumstances are good, or when circumstances hard? I think when he sees us worshiping him with a heart of thanksgiving, he smiles in complete delight as he whispers to us “that’s my girl, that’s my boy, I delight in you.”  

Worship is our hearts overflowing to God's heart in thanksgiving for all he is, regardless of the circumstances in.

-Makenzie McAndrews

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