This blog post is hard for me to write because I have no earthly idea how take six months of growth/adventure/challenge/delight and boil it down to a handful of easily digestible paragraphs. It's difficult to balance my respect for your time (because reading everything I want to say would take up half of your summer) with my deep desire to help you understand how transformative and wonderful this DTS experience has been.

I want to share with you every revelation the Lord shared with me, every moment that was pivotal for me. I want to tell you about every time He showed up in a new way, and every time He showed up in a familiar way, and every time I realized He was already there. I want to show you 5,000 pictures and tell you the sometimes ridiculous and sometimes simple stories that accompany whatever landscape or person is caught in the frame. I want to walk you through the things I have starred and highlighted in my lecture notes and go "Look at all these life-changing bits of information!!!" and then discuss them with you.

I want to properly convey the goodness and faithfulness of the God who drew me here when I had no idea what I wanted; I want to tell you how He continued to show up day, after day, after day, to gently and powerfully walk me into a more full picture of what it looks like to be so loved by Him, what it means to be His kiddo and friend. I want to make that sentence considerably less general by telling you all the specific lies I was believing (about Him and myself) that He was able to uproot and replace with truth, and by illustrating for you all of the peace and joy that resulted in my life from those processes.

I want to rave to you about all of my new, delightful, sometimes unexpected friendships. I want to be honest with you about the times I cried and the things that were really hard. I want to encourage you with testimonies about people who came here doubting or burdened or tangled up, who are now leaving with freedom and assuredness. I want to explain to you the safety I felt, being part of a community that earnestly and honestly desires Jesus. I want to tell you about the mountains we climbed together (literal and figurative) and the breath-taking landscapes we got to traipse through. I want to tell you about how hard and hilarious it is to cook on a camping trip, how bonding it is to spend a week in the wilderness with your school. I want to tell you about the time I laughed the hardest with a stranger-turned-friend, and the time I surprised myself the most, and the time I wanted to go home, and the many, many times I couldn't stop giving thanks for the opportunity to be here, experiencing these things.

But I can't, dear reader, because even the most poetic descriptions and compelling story structures wouldn't properly convey everything that these six months contained. So I would encourage you to come and see for yourself - maybe you'll be able to sum it up better than I can.

-Mayce Fischer (Pathfinders DTS Student)

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