To be complete is to lack nothing, to be full and undivided. With Christmas gracing us with its festivities yet again at the end of another year, we find families trying to gather together although not always pleasant and sometimes sprinkled with sourness we feel as though we are Whole together when we celebrate and spend time as one. What is the Hole we are filling that rewards us with brief moments of celebration and Joy, for at Christmas we but for a breath feel complete.

To be whole is be balanced in Mind, Body and Spirit and as individuals we may feel incomplete as we cannot balance all 3 by ourselves. The answer is to do it with others as we will help each other balance these 3 aspects. Christmas brings togetherness where we can experience this but how do we continue on with this after the “Festive” season has passed, for Christmas’ origins is not in the Birth of Jesus it is the original time of celebration and Feasting to be had as a community after bringing in the Harvest and to stay merry and cheerful during a cold and solemn period for most of Europe back in the old days. Then when the Christians came to evangelise and spread the goodness of the Birth of Christ and the Life He wants to give which is whole and complete, those missionaries melded the two together and now we have a Christmas which celebrates Jesus and we do it together as a community. There is nothing wrong or bad with this it is a good thing, for without Christmas most of the world would not celebrate in unison and be festive and of high cheer.

Image if we didn’t have Christmas, that would mean during World War 1 the troops would have kept fighting instead of stopping and giving each other gifts and being in unison even for 1 day before they had to spill the others blood. Christmas is a time of Unity and being a part of this Unity we feel whole, that is something we desire and yearn for. Being able to remember and Celebrate the birth of Jesus during a time of Togetherness allows us to think and remember why He came which was to die and forgive our Sins and give us Life and we can Celebrate this New Life together and forgive others and bless our family and friends. For if we can find this with our family and community the lives of us and those around us will be whole and Joy filled. 

My question of self-reflection is how can I find wholeness in community and what can I do to bring wholeness to someone else. For if we can find avenues to explore and be successful in we have the choice to continue to be whole not just at Christmas but for the rest of the year.

For if Christmas is supposed to bring out the best in people and be a time of celebration and joy why do we chose and let a season dictate when we are unified and joyful but let us extend and continue to pursue this Unity and Wholeness together.