"On the 6th day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 6 geese a laying." What? Geese?

This song has never made sense to me. I just grew up singing it. But can there be more meaning to it, other than a catchy Christmas song we all know? One of my favorite things to do is dissect lyrics and melodies in music and find meaning and analogies within a song, so let's try it out for the 6th day of Christmas!

What did God do on the 6th day when He was creating this beautiful earth? He created man. Man was created imperfect, starting it off on the wrong foot by eating the forbidden fruit. I'm challenged to be more thankful during this Christmas season. God still loved man after he completely turned 180º and disobeyed Him. I have so fallen short, but God doesn't expect us to be perfect. He loves us for who we are. God was still pleased with His creations, so He chose to send a Savior. 

Geese lay eggs, they bring little goose life into the world. This day in the song shows creation. And God knows how to create! The paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, or the music by Hans Zimmer mean nothing compared to the creativeness of our God! He brought His own Son named Jesus into our world of sin, to give us a hope. I don't like to call Jesus a creation, but if you look at how a goose sends its gosling (yes, a baby goose, not the handsome actor) out into a world, I'd say that's a good analogy of God sending Jesus into the world. Now a baby goose didn't save the world and our hearts, so let's now talk about the one who did.


We're not celebrating Christmas to get presents and eat candy, but to celebrate the BIRTH of a savior. I encourage you to spend this holiday season remembering and being so thankful for the sacrifice Jesus made so that we can live eternal life and see the extraordinary creation of Heaven our minds won't ever know about in this life. I also encourage you to read the story of Jesus and think about the sacrifice a Perfect Creator would make for His imperfect children. 

By Ryan Beiden