Friday morning's cafe shift was the perfect setting for a deep chat with a friend. We were talking about challenges of life, identifying that it really isn't always easy.

How do people do life without Jesus?

It was then in that moment, it hit me! We were never meant to do life without Jesus!

During my schooling years, I strived to succeed. I worked extremely hard, but always resulted in receiving average grades.

Throughout childhood I was pretty okay with this. Then high school hit and soon college years began. My teachers would say if you don't do well in this exam you won't get far in life, or maybe you will end up working in McDonalds. Emphasizing that this would be a terrible outcome. Understandably it was then that the pressure started to hit.

Fast forward five years. Now, living full-time as a volunteer for a missions organisation, I am truly more in love with life than ever. I have identified my purpose and I believe I am walking out in my destiny, in who God created me to be. This isn't necessarily forever. But for right now, I know I am where I'm supposed to be.

But why do we put useless pressure on one another to achieve a certain way?

I recently watched a video of a guy giving a spoken word. He compared modern day cars to cars 150 years ago. He compared modern day phones to phones 150 years ago. And then he compared classrooms. And out of all three, guess which one had not changed? The classroom.

Christa Black says in her book Heart Made Whole, "Your heart was dreamed up by the Master Architect before your little life ever took form, and God designed it with great attention to detail, equipping your heart with certain desires and abilities to fulfill a unique destiny.

God created some of your hearts as business offices, and you find it easy to negotiate with numbers and strategy. Some are stunning art galleries, coming alive while displaying beauty, music, fashion, and creativity.

Many are dripping with relational nurture, designed to be a home where life, children, ministry and activity thrive. Others are hospitals, and you've always longed to help others, earning the human body, science and composition. God dreamed up, fashioned, and crafted you with specific characteristics, and when you're living out your original design, the entire building pulses with life."

Success is more than getting straight A's and doing well in class. Success is being an entertainer and charming the crowds. Success is caring for the hurt individual and connecting and advertising business'.

Success is helping the poor and needy and being a voice to the helpless. Success is not just what we learn in the classroom but how we implement it. Success is walking out in our original design, allowing our entire building to pulse with life.

The Master Creator is not worried about where we use our success but rather we choose to do life with Him and use it for His glory.

Honestly I believed that working with kids and loving families was an 'easy way out'. I always felt like I had missed out on the 'smart gene'. Now feeling comfortable with who I am, I don't feel like I am in lack, or given second best, but rather l am blessed.

-Becki Bowie

Written for Christian Today