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Youth with a Mission, Brisbane

Important- please read this form and complete it. You should not sign this document unless you have read and understood its terms and  conditions. By signing this agreement you assume all risks and agree to waive your legal rights including the right to sue.


How would you describe your current relationship with God?
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Parent only needed if under 18, but please still provide an emergency contact

In case of an emergency, please provide an additional contact person:


(If under 18 years old)

I consent to my child riding in a vehicle driven by a YWAM Camp staff member.
I consent to my child’s picture being taken for the use of promotional materials to communicate Discipleship Camps to other youth.
I consent to my child being housed in Youth With a Mission gender specific dorms during the duration of the Camp.
I have read the release and liability information on the bottom of this form and agree to and understand all its terms and conditions.

I acknowledge that some of the activities may involve physical risk and that I/my child  participates at my/his/her own risk. I understand that Youth With a Mission, Brisbane and its members will take  reasonable steps to provide a safe environment and will ensure that all equipment supplied by them for  the activities is of a reasonable standard. 

I acknowledge that Youth With a Mission, Brisbane and its members will not be liable for any injury that may be  suffered, which arises either directly or indirectly from, or in connection with programmed activities. 

I hereby agree to indemnify Youth With a Mission, Brisbane and its members against any and all claims arising from,  or in connection with, any injury that may be suffered by me / my child, or that I/my child may cause to another person, as  well as any loss or damage to property, equipment or personal effects belonging to me / my child, or any other person,  arising either directly or indirectly out of or in connection with the programmed activities. 

I agree that the Youth With a Mission, Brisbane and its members may authorise on my/my child’s behalf whatever medical treatment I/he/she may require. (This includes, but is not limited to, ambulance attendance and hospital  treatment) I agree to pay all medical expenses incurred.  

By signing this waiver and assumption of risk and release, I acknowledge that there can be certain risks of injury to  my child or third parties associated with their participation in the selected activities, and that Youth With a Mission,  Brisbane and its members are not medical practitioners and that they cannot provide advice as medical  practitioners, that they should seek medical advice from a medical practitioner before participating in selected  activities. The participant is aware that certain medical problems may arise if he/she undertakes and participates in the  selected activities without obtaining advice from a medical practitioner beforehand.  

The participant agrees that it will abide by the rules for participating in the various activities on the site of Youth  With a Mission, including the necessity of the participant wearing protective clothing, and equipment for specified  activities. The Participant agrees to follow the instructions of Youth With a Mission, Brisbane. The participant also  agrees that if they fail to follow instructions from YWAM (Youth With a Mission) workers and any rules of Youth With a Mission in respect of the  various activities the participants may not be permitted to participate in the selected activities any further and  without refund. 

I will allow my / my child’s name, photo, footage, quotes or testimonies to be used by Youth With a Mission, Brisbane for the purposes of advertising their programs and news articles.

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