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Health & Fitness DTS





Health & Fitness DTS




“God created it, Jesus died for it, the Holy Spirit lives in it. I’d better take care of it”
- Rick Warren

About the HEalth And Fitness DTS

According to John 10:10, Jesus came to give you life in the fullest! That means Body, Soul and Spirit! The Health and Fitness DTS takes a new look at all things sports and athletics and gives it a more holistic approach by adding in the health and fitness element.

During the Health and Fitness DTS, and in addition to the regular DTS curriculum,  you’ll get a biblical perspective on the ever growing world of fitness, athletics, nutrition and health as well as basics for developing yourself as a person and a healthy athlete, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!


About the DTS

The Discipleship Training School consists of two phases. First the lecture phase where you hear topics that take you deeper into your relationship with God. You learn things like the character and nature of God, Hearing His voice, God's Father heart for us.

The Outreach phase takes a more practical approach and applies the principles of loving others all over the world. Teams from the DTS split up and travel to different outreach destinations. In short, you first get to know God, then focus on making Him known. 

Outreach Phase

This is where the rubber meets the road! The outreach phase is where you take what you've just learned in the classroom and make it practical! You'll be spending 7-8 weeks serving in different locations, locally and internationally with a team from your DTS. Outreach locations vary depending on the school and/or focus. You'll find out your outreach locations during your school. Fees Also vary according to the location you're going to.

Lecture Phase

During the DTS, you'll have lectures on biblical topics such as
- The Character and Nature of God
- Hearing the Voice of God
- The Father Heart of God
- Spiritual Warfare, Worship & Intercession
- Relationships
- Biblical Worldview

Cost of Lecture Phase:  $4400 AUD

For currency conversion, click here. This includes tuition, accomodation, meals, lecture phase Australian outreaches. Does not include things like visas, health insurance, personal spending, laundry costs, or outgoing calls.

Cost of Outreach Phase: $2500 - $5000 

Cost varies based on destination. This includes overseas outreach flights, accommodation, meals, transportation. Does not include things like vaccinations, travel insurance, or personal spending.


Click here for the nitty gritty details of a YWAM Brisbane DTS

Our Discipleship Training Schools are Centrelink Approved which means Australian citizens could be eligible for AusStudy, AbStudy, or Youth Allowance. Click here for Centrelink homepage. To learn more about YWAM Brisbane qualifications and accreditation, click here. 

boxing gloves.jpg


Follow Our Journey. Join The Crew. 


Follow Our Journey. Join The Crew. 

workout routine



Back squat 4 of 10-12

Roman Dead Lift 4 of 10

Barbell lunges 4 of 10-12

Weighted step ups 4 of 10-12  

Dumbbell row 4 of 10-12

Lat pull down 4 of 10-12


Incline Bench 4 of 10-12

Dumbbell bench 4 of 10-12

Dumbbell flies 4 of 10-12

Barbell push press 4 of 10-12

3 way shoulder 4 of 10-12

Tri-extension 4 of 10-12


Body squats 4 of 25

Squat jumps 4 of 15

Burpees 4 of 15

Box jumps 4 of 10-12

Weighted calf raises 4 of 25

Single leg hip pops 4 of 10-12

Always remember to stretch after.

For further information or questions about technique, email kendra.hanemaayer@ywambrisbane.com and we'll get back to you ASAP!



lifestyle sessions

Every month we have "Lifestyle Sessions" where a speaker comes and specifically talk on different health topics such as nutrition, personal training, fitness etc. We have had people who are just within our community to share to professional athletes to share their story and train alongside us.



Meet The Team

Check out the team and read some blogs about past DTS experiences!

Meet The Team

Check out the team and read some blogs about past DTS experiences!


February Staff Team


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