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A Time to Encounter God

Leaving school and entering Uni or the workforce is a huge step for most young people. The road ahead will be full of many great adventures and wonderful opportunities, but along with these opportunities will also be temptations and challenges. It has never been God's desire for His people to hide from challenges. Eliminating all of life's risks would make life pretty boring, right? Instead, God intends to raise up men and women who will be courageous and also well prepared. His hope is for us to be powerful influencers and leaders in our world. God develops His greatness in us by providing a strong foundation of faith for us to stand upon and a confidence for us to launch from. Take the time that you have right now to ensure that these important foundations of faith are established in your life before you launch into the world!

The Kairos Encounter is a powerful program designed specifically to help you do this. God's foundation of faith and confidence comes through developing a deep and personal relationship with Him as well as understanding His wisdom for us shared in His Word. Lectures throughout the Kairos Encounter will cover many of the big questions we all need to answer. Topics such as our identity and value, God's character, His love and faithfulness to us and His great hope and purpose for each of us and for the world. 

Your Kairos Encounter is held over two weeks at the Youth With a Mission centre in Brisbane where you will live on the YWAM centre with young people from all over the world in a unique and exciting community of faith. This life-changing experience will be packed with fun, fellowship, powerful revelation and God encounters to prepare you to launch with confidence into His perfect plan and purposes for your life. 

Your Kairos Encounter starts January 2022.



25 June - 8 July 2023



$450 AUD

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