Seventeen years ago, Ywam Brisbane purchased two 26 seater Toyota Coaster buses. Already a decade old at the time, we have used them continuously over the past seventeen years for rural and coastal town ministry in both Queensland and New South Wales.

It's nearly impossible to quantify the amount of real-life ministry impact our old buses have had, but here just a few of the numbers to consider ...

YWAM Brisbane travels roughly 500,000 kilometers on the ground each year for ministry. As our buses are the only ones that can carry large numbers, and are specifically used for our Discipleship Training Schools, they account for almost a third of this number. They have enabled hundreds of staff and students of YWAM Brisbane to give over 100,000 hours of unpaid community service, in more than 20 rural and coastal communities each year. We love investing in these communities, partnering with around 60 schools, 15 city and regional councils, and 25 community organisations in over 20 rural and coastal towns to facilitate children and youth programs, partner with local community service initiatives, and strategically work with churches in these towns to advance the gospel and transform lives.

Recently, the Department of Transport informed us of a policy that no people carrier is allowed to be used on the road for more than twenty-five years. This realisation caught us completely off-guard, as we have already kept our vehicles running up and down these roads for two years beyond what is legal. The DoT generously extended grace to us giving us some time before we need to permanently remove our vehicles from the road in November. However, we have been unable to raise the funds we so desperately need to replace them, and we are feeling the pressure with less than one month remaining before the cut-off point. Failure to meet this deadline would inevitably mean a significant stop on all of our rural programs.

After long considerations, we have decided that our best move is to buy two ten-year-old Mitsubishi Rosas. The twenty-five seater buses would provide another fifteen years of continuous use in our rural ministries before they would need to be taken off the road. Research indicates that one vehicle of this make, model, and age would come with a price tag of $50,000 AUD. Two of them would be $100,000 AUD. Our goal is to raise this amount by November!

We have certainly laboured both earnestly and persistently in our work amongst rural communities, and - as one can see - the last seventeen years of ministry have been an incredible investment. Anyone who is able to sow into the purchase of another vehicle would without a doubt be enabling the sustaining and growth of this ministry into the future.

As fellow workers in the Mission, we are reaching out a hand and asking if you would stand with us in faith. Would you partner with us in prayer to see God release these funds to us in a miraculous way? We believe we have the word of the Lord to see this miracle happen but we would like your help in prayer!

If you are compelled to give financially, follow the button and choose donate to YWAM Brisbane.

We thank you for your interest and investment into YWAM Brisbane and the rural ministry we are a part of. If you would like more information or have any questions, feel free to send us a message. Fill out the form below!

Thank you!

-YWAM Brisbane

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