What's New!

Sarah martinez

We’ve almost hit the three month mark! 

Time flies when you are in a new country, new culture and surrounded by new friends. 

In April our team came to Prague, Czech Republic to start a new YWAM base out of YWAM Brisbane. 

Pioneering involves a lot of waiting, pressing in and praying. We want to gain God's heart for His people and this place as we lean in spiritually and listen to what He is saying. Over these first few months we have been partnering with different people and ministries. 

Our contacts have faithfully gone out onto the streets of Prague every week to minister to the homeless, showing the love of Jesus by providing food and coffee as well as prayer to these precious people. It’s our joy to join their ministry and see God's heart for the homeless. 

Another exciting opportunity we have is to be a part of Awakening Europe, an international conference happening at the end of June here in Prague. The heart behind it is to show the real, radical love of who Jesus is, winning thousands and uniting His people on the 500th year anniversary for a New Reformation. We have been attending regular meetings which are full of preparation, prayer and vision for the event. Our team have different roles throughout, ranging from evangelism, serving and behind the scenes logistics. 

As we have been pressing in and praying, God has been revealing long term vision. We feel led to invest in the youth. Our idea is to create a space where the young people can explore how to use their creative talents to share God’s love and discover more of who He is.

As we progress and expand, this may move into mini outreaches to other countries thatGod has been laying on our hearts. The sky is the limit but the anointing comes when you are in God’s will. We are spending a lot of our time pushing in and seeking for His will and vision.

Thank you for reading and praying for our team!



Get to know our staff!

interview with dylan king by rebecca bowie

How did you hear about YWAM Brisbane?
A few years ago I was wanting to do a Sports Discipleship Training School (DTS), when one night God woke my mum up with the word ‘Brisbane’. The next day she googled ‘Sports DTS’ and YWAM Brisbane was the first to show up.

How long have you been with YWAM Brisbane?
I came to do my DTS in February 2014 and started staffing in January 2015, so almost 3 and a half years!

What is your current role within the base?
I am currently one half of the Health and Fitness DTS school leader duo. Previously known as the Sports DTS, the Health and Fitness DTS was started last year after we as a base cast new vision for the school. The DTS running is our pioneering school and they're currently on outreach over in the Middle East, so far it has been good.

What were you previously involved in within YWAM Brisbane?
Before I became a school leader I did the Basic Leadership School (BLS) which is a 20 month school in which you have three phases. On the first and third phases I staffed the 2015 and 2016 Sports DTS’s and co-lead outreaches to Papua New Guinea and Asia respectively. During my second phase I helped out with maintenance here on base, which consisted of anything from replacing old light bulbs to painting to helping out with building projects. I graduated BLS in August 2016.

What are your hobbies?
I love to play sports, my favourite being football (soccer) and tennis but I like to play basically everything. I love hanging out with my friends and I enjoy listening to music as well. 

What has been a highlight or one of your favourite things about being a part of YWAM Brisbane?
I have really enjoyed being part of the four DTS’s that I have been involved with because the people are amazing. They are from all around the world and come in search of God which is encouraging to see. I have definitely gained life-long friends while being here.


Missions Testimony 

julia ligowski

Our team of four girls boarded our flight from Australia to Detroit at the beginning of February, leaving the hot Australian summer to face the freezing cold winter in Michigan. We had planned and prayed for months and were ready to finally be on our way. 

As we boarded our flight, I was hit with a huge amount of fear; “Did we plan enough? Will we work well together? Am I really a qualified person for this task?" I became petrified of what was on the other side of this flight. It was only two months, why was I so scared? Am I not supposed to go? I had led outreaches before and never felt so nervous and inadequate about leading.

Upon arriving, it didn’t take my team members long to love Detroit. For myself, I had anxious thoughts that kept me up at night, and woke up each morning feeling unequipped to face the day. “Keep going, it will get better..” I felt the Lord tell me. I did not feel like a child of God, I did not feel like a fearless leader, but each day I chose to keep going in spite of how I was feeling. I decided to trust that God meant what he said when He said it would get better. And it did! It wasn’t over complicated, but simple. “Keep going, I will help you.” 

I love how simple it is to walk with Him, even when circumstances feel challenging. He promised to help and showered me with grace each day. As time went on, I fell in love with Detroit and what God was doing there. 

We taught English to Middle Eastern women, worked with the homeless, helped with after school kids and teen girl programs, picked garbage off the streets, and had a great time with the community. God’s love for each person and the city of Detroit taught our small team so much about how God is everywhere! Our days started with worship and ended in laughter.

Upon returning to Australia I really missed Detroit. In October I’ll be moving there to serve with YWAM Metro Detroit. The place where I faced my fears will now become my home. I am thankful for how God carried me through and I’m exited for what he has in store.


Community Connections

rebecca bowie

Up until a couple of years ago, YWAM Brisbane would load up every vehicle we owned and head two hours South West to a town called Toowoomba. There we helped with Australia’s largest week long Christian Music Festival, which featured artists such as Switchfoot, Will Reagan and John Mark McMillan.

A couple years ago, the festival in Toowoomba came to an end. This gave us new opportunities to influence the community we believe God has strategically positioned us into, on the North side of Brisbane.

Over the Easter weekend, we ran what was the second edition of the North Brisbane Easter Festival. In preparing and praying we felt the Lord highlight Psalm 37:3 “Trust in the Lord and do good, dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.”

As we have been expanding connections and pouring into our community, we’ve been trusting God and experiencing how faithful He is! The relationships are genuine and everyone looks out for one another. 

Many local shops, business’ and cafes donated toys, crafts and vouchers for the Festival, which all went towards prizes for games and competitions we ran. In praying we trusted God that each winner would be blessed by what they received. During our Minute to Win it competition, a little girl was a bit upset because she came third place. When she received her prize her whole face lit up and with so much enthusiasm she jumped around showing her family what she won. 

This is just one example of the incredible favour from God and our community. His favour was evident all the way through our planning and particularly on the days of the event. Mitchelton Park was flooded with families laughing and enjoying one another, kids playing games over and over again, food vendors being completely sold out, and parents returning to see the joy on their child’s face as they collected Easter eggs.

We trusted. We prayed. We sewed. We reaped His faithfulness!


The Vision

Jake estes

Imagine yourself mid way through your work week having the opportunity to worship alongside other Christians, standing together fighting for breakthrough for yourself, others and Brisbane.  

Over the past few years YWAM Brisbane has held worship evenings on the firstWednesday of the month. Our heart is for the community to join us for a couple of hours, seek God, be impacted and go out and impact! 

But there is more than that! Together, we are discussing and battling over what our role as Christians is, as we hear and experience where the world is at right now. Surely there is more we can be doing, but what?

To answer this question and stand in the gap, we are excited to launch Worldview Wednesdays on the second Wednesdays of every month. Our heart is to dive deeper into real issues the world faces, ones we don't necessarily talk about in regards to our responsibility as Christians. 

We invite a speaker who is passionate and has experience in their field of work. They bring awareness and highlight God's faithfulness in the middle of tough situations. Afterwards we have the opportunity as a group to ask questions. 

We have discussed the conflict in the Middle East, nuclear energy and weapons of mass destruction as well as immigration. In the months to follow we will explore our role within apologetics and many other topics.

We explore questions such as; what exactly is happening? What does the Bible say about this topic? What is the core belief on each side of the issue? As Christians, what is our responsibility in the conversation and how do we engage in a way that represents Jesus and the Kingdom? 

If you're in the Brisbane area, you’re more than welcome to join us. We want to hear your opinion, the questions that you have and think together about how we can impact the world around us and how to be Christ-like in the issues that the world is facing.


Current Schools

Basic Leadership School
January 2016, July 2016, September 2016, January 2017
Beach 2 Bush DTS
February 2017

Health and Fitness DTS
February 2017

Music, Art, and Dance DTS
February 2017
Bible Core Course
April 2017

Upcoming School

        Basic Leadership School
        July 2017, August 2017

        Beach to Bush DTS
        August 2017

        August 2017

        School of Digital Filmmaking
        August 2017

        School of Acting for the Screen
        August 2017

Praise reports

After months of meetings, effort and significant prayer, we've received approval on our building plans from the City Council. As well, we have received outstanding support and saved thousands of dollars to upgrade our current buildings.

Six months ago a DTS outreach team went to the Philippines and throughout street evangelism met 23 people and invited them to their church. Since then they have continued discipleship through the church. 

The girls identity program Shine, has been in at least 8 schools over 4 years here in Brisbane. A recent graduate shared "I have had chronic pain since December but I know my situation doesn't define who I am." At every celebration there are always stories highlighting Gods goodness!

Prayer Requests

God would bring the right students and staff to be a part of our August schools here at YWAM Brisbane.

Prayer for the 8 outreach teams around the world, that they would be safe, gain God's heart for the country they're in and walk out in boldness.

Prayer for the outreach team in Prague as they continue settling in and setting up ministry, as well as prayer for their involvement with Awakening Europe.