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Michelle Riddle

The Meeting Place Cafe is launching a new season and we are looking for interns. Our focus is to build community and extend hope through the ministry of prayer, worship, evangelism, hospitality and coffee. Members that join us will help build the ministry we are creating through an already thriving cafe with impeccable coffee, whilst growing and learning the business side of the cafe. We are looking for creative people who want to grow in these areas, and learn how to influence and shape community through them. Responsibilities include learning how to be a barista, hospitality and serving skills. As well as designing and implementing strategic ministry as part of a team, serving through prayer and worship, business skills (how to start and run a cafe as a ministry) and finally social media for the cafe and events. The internship is 18 months long and will run alongside our Basic Leadership School. Upon successfully completing the 18-month BLS, you will receive a Certificate IV in Christian Missions with YWAM Training.  

I interviewed one of our current interns to find out how she is enjoying herself thus far. This is what she says:

"As a student on the cafe internship, I have learned so much more than I was expecting.  One of those things has been how to create an atmosphere of creativity, and another has been how to be a source of encouragement.

Furthermore, I am beginning to learn how to balance my relational tendencies and the responsibility of the logistics I carry. I get to learn how to manage my time well and also love on people all at the same time! How cool is that? All in all, I’ve been learning heaps since starting the internship and I can’t wait for what else God has in store for me and this ministry in this next season!"

Our hope is to equip interns and provide the experience needed to be able to start their own cafe ministry. You can find out more information on our YWAM Brisbane website.


staff profile!

Interview with Valentine simonin by Rebecca Bowie

How long have you been with YWAM Brisbane?
I came here for six months in 2014, and here I am over four years later!

What is your current role within the base?
I am a part of Go Teams, our local and overseas outreach department. My roles within Go Teams can be many, but as a main role I help to equip and prepare the teams we send overseas, and support their team leaders in that process. It's a good mix of admin and relational work, and I love being able to help build bridges of connection through it all! 

What were you previously involved in within YWAM Brisbane?
I have been in Go Teams since I came back on staff in 2015, and this has gotten me involved in quite a few local and rural ministries and outreaches. On top of that, I graduated from a three month Bible Core Course last year and am currently a student on the Basic Leadership School.

What are your hobbies? 
Ultimate frisbee is a big one! I play at a competitive level in Brisbane and around the country. When I'm not running after a flying piece of plastic, I love reading (anywhere, but especially on a train), going on road trips and climbing trees. My friends might also tell you that I spend a lot of time thinking and musing about life, and they would be right...it especially happens when I'm cooking or listening to choir music.

What has been a highlight or one of your favorite things about being a part of YWAM Brisbane?
Some years ago I was giving away promotional material at a big music festival, walking to people and offering them a pair of YWAM Brisbane sunglasses. That 30-minute walk changed my view of missions forever. With every person I met, it was as if the Lord was breathing straight into my heart, and creating room so I could welcome them in. And four years of 'missions work' later, I am still very much learning how to sustain an open heart for people. YWAM Brisbane has gifted me with time and room to grow, and with a deep desire to see lives restored. And that is definitely one of my favorite things about being a part of YWAM Brisbane. 


Missions Testimony 

living freely and lightly

Riley Moate

Shortly before Christmas this past year, I was lucky enough to experience life in the Solomon Islands along with six other team members. Like most people, I think, I wasn’t exactly sure what outreach would look like, but I was ready to see what God was up to. Through my time away, God worked mightily in the lives of others and in mine. He was tearing down wrong conceptions I had of him. 

The biggest personal challenge I encountered during outreach were feelings of guilt. Knowing we were in the Solomon's to serve, I really struggled with not feeling like we were doing enough. Or if I was doing what God wanted me to do in a particular situation. 

I wanted to make the most of my time, and felt a strong sense of fear that I would just “miss it”. I think in part I felt this way because at times our schedule could be unstructured, leaving room for our team to take initiative. While this is great, for myself (a plan lover), I found it challenging. I would completely jam-pack my own time and feel intense guilt anytime I tried to take a small rest. 

Three weeks in, I was really struggling under the weight of expectations I was putting on myself. It was in a small village we were visiting that I reached my breaking point. It was in this low place that God so faithfully met me. Crying in the middle of people walking by, God began speaking to me clearly about grace and unconditional love. 

On this day, I happened to be walking with one of my friends. Talking with him helped me process and voice what I had been feeling. He really felt that God was saying I was being stubborn. Immediately I dissolved into a fresh puddle of tears. Those that know me well know, that I can be stubborn to a T. I recognised this word as such a truth about myself, spoken by my Heavenly Father who knows me better than I know myself. My friend shared that God might be speaking about how I was being too stubborn to accept the grace and love He freely offers. The truth of this finally broke through and shattered how I had been feeling about God as a task-master. 

Now, seven months out of my DTS, I wish I could say I have fully grasped the gravity of this undeserved gift of grace. We already have all of God’s love, grace and acceptance. Right now. Right where we are. God is still teaching me to let him lift off the pressure I put on myself.

I love what The Message translation of Matthew 11:28 says about this: “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”

I know I am only just beginning to understand grace, but I have tasted a bit of how transformative it is. I want to continue to learn how to live freely and lightly in grace.


Community Connections

Jake estes

Youth ministry has been a passion of mine for a long time. I love being able to invest in young people and watch them grow more passionate in their love for Jesus, as well as to fall in love with Him more and more.

When I first moved to Brisbane, I didn’t know how long I would be here for. I knew God called me but I wasn’t certain of the specifics or what I would be involved in. It was during my first few months of being in Brisbane when I decided I wanted to get involved in the youth ministry at my church. This was something I had done during my time in University when I was living in Texas, and I loved every minute of it. I also knew the value of serving in the local church and the richness it brings to life.

One thing I was not expecting, though, was how deep the roots I would plant in Brisbane would grow just because I chose to serve. It is not easy to move to another country following the voice of God. The culture here, for all of its similarities to other western English speaking nations, was different enough to make me feel alone and misunderstood at many times. But getting involved with my church introduced me into a community that invited me in, as well as accepted and valued me in a I was not expecting. In this environment I really felt like this place was becoming home. It wasn’t where I happened to be, but a place I belonged.

I’ve been a youth leader now for over three years and these years have been so full! I love the position of mentorship I have fallen into with our young people and how I get to be a source of encouragement, and show more of God's heart for them. And while youth ministry is not in my role here at YWAM Brisbane, it’s helped me to understand better God’s heart for his people and the love He has for Australia. 


The Vision

hannah priman

Here at YWAM Brisbane, The School of Acting for the Screen is a unique school designed to train and equip budding actors for the world of filmmaking. It is an intensive three month course training students through lectures by professionals working in the industry, discussions, scene work, and hands on work in short films. Students learn the art of improvisation, cold reads, accents, working with the camera, set etiquette, Stanislavski, The Warner Loughlin Technique, showbiz and much more.

We as staff have been very excited praying and preparing for this years school, we felt like it was going to be a sweet time, with students who were willing and eager to learn. Our vision for this years school is to impart knowledge into them and take opportunities past their comfort zones, steward and expand on the gifts that God has given them and bring significant influence.

Our heart behind the school is to shape students into modern day profits and prepare them into the mission field of filmmaking. To not only influence and touch the audiences but the people they work around, the crew and other actors. The SAS will give the actor tools and foundations needed to pursue a career as a performer and artist.


Current Schools

Basic Leadership School
January 2017, July 2017, September 2017, January 2018, July 2018, September 2018

Beach 2 Bush DTS
August 2018

August 2018

School Of Digital Filmmaking
August 2018

School Of Acting For The Screen
August 2018

Bible Core Course
September 2018

Upcoming Schools

Music Art Dance (MAD) DTS
October 2018

Photo and Video DTS
October 2018

Coffee and Communications DTS
October 2018

Prayer Points

In November the current buses we have will no longer be able to be used. We are praying for Gods provision of two 25 seater buses.

Our influence and relationships in country towns has gotten greater. Please pray for a continuation of the Holy Spirit’s gifts, power and miracles operating through evangelism and ministries. 

We are still in a battle for visa solutions for our long term staff. Please pray for permanent residency visas to be granted.

Praise Reports

Ten of our staff went to Thailand for YWAMs largest conference called YWAM Together. There they received input, were inspired by testimonies and stories from people from all over the world, and made new connections.

Our School of Digital Filmmaking, School of Acting for the Screen and Bible Core Course are all currently running. They're all three month second level schools. We are praising God for the students and resources to run all these schools.

Through 'The Meeting Place Cafe' and our weekly Wednesday 'Sport In The Park' activities, we have recently met and connected with a lot more families. Its awesome to see more people hearing about us and wanting to be connected in to all God is doing with YWAM Brisbane.

Thank You!