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Dylan King

The Health and Fitness Discipleship Training School (DTS) consists of three branches. Our physical body, spiritual life and our character. 

We are now a little over a month into the DTS. We have been learning, growing and stretching together (pun intended). The DTS is a chance to learn, be challenged, work hard, have fun, all the while making great memories and growing in our personal relationships with God.

Our week to week involves a lot of sports, working out, learning about nutrition and healthy eating, all the while having lectures on who God is and understanding at greater depth that our body is a temple, given by God and therefore we want to work to take care of it. 

Looking to the Father and knowing there is so much more, we don’t want to ever settle for where we are at spiritually because He has created us for deeper intimacy!

As we continue diving into lectures, together we are asking the question, “why do we do what we do?” We want to remain in the place from which deepest intimacy flows and can continue to flow from. 

With this being our pioneering school, we hope to make it one to remember! 


Get to know our staff!

interview with rebecca bowie

How did you hear about YWAM Brisbane?
During college I began looking into what I could do afterwards. When I didn’t feel like going to University was the next step, a friend told me about YWAM. I was interested in traveling, studying photography and getting to know the God I had recently encountered. This led me to find out that YWAM Brisbane had the music, art and dance Discipleship Training School (DTS), which includes photography. 

How long have you been with YWAM Brisbane?
Five years.

What is your current role within the base?
I work with our community outreach group known as Go Teams. It is the heart beat of YWAM Brisbane as our ministry reaches out to schools, churches and residents, remembering everyone has a unique purpose. We also organize and partake in service projects and one on one mentoring. We believe that each outreach team has the knowledge, passion and capacity to change the nations. With that we offer practical training equipping them for their development and ministries. 

What were you previously involved in within YWAM Brisbane?
After my DTS I came on staff and took the Basic Leadership School (BLS) while staffing two Beach 2 Bush DTS’. This included a lot of road trips, outreach to country towns and lectures in all sorts of lovely places around Australia. Since graduating I joined Go Teams, took the Bible Core Course (BCC) and came back on to Go Teams with a renewed vision and passion.

What are your hobbies?
I love being outdoors; so anything involving being out in creation is my favourite. I also love spending time with quality friends, drinking coffee, bike riding, reading and writing.

What has been a highlight or one of your favourite things about being a part of YWAM Brisbane?
This community has become family. I love the weirdness, randomness and depth you can have with people from literally all over the world. 


Missions Testimony 

heidi Aaltio

One of the most beautiful moments on outreach was being reminded of God's love!

During our time in Indonesia we stayed in an orphanage and worshipped every evening. The kids would run in and out, often imitating us worshipping with their little hands raised or on their knees giggling. At one point I looked up and saw a kid kneeling down. At first I thought he was being silly and mimicking us, but when I saw his little body shaking and shivering, I realized he was crying.

His realness and willingness to meet the Lord and to see his thirst for His love and attention, touched my heart. As a ten year old this wouldn't have been the easiest thing to do in front of your friends, but he decided to follow his heart and encounter God. One member of the team went over and prayed for him. I joined later feeling like my heart was about to burst out of my chest. The amount of love that I had was too much to handle. 

Though this moment was beautiful, it was also bittersweet. I was reminded of how the love I had for Jesus had hindered a bit throughout the years. The simplicity of the boy's hunger reminded me of where I wanted to be in my relationship with God.

I never want to forget my First Love. I also don't want to forget the simpleness of life and the sweet innocence it brings. And I especially don’t want to forget how God wants to pour out His heart over us and the only thing we need to do is to receive.

We have no idea what impact we can have on a person’s life when we choose to say yes to what ever God asks us to do. We may not have enough resources, speak a common language, or even have the courage to speak, but God is always more than enough! It's exciting that His ways go way beyond our understanding. 


Community Connections

Danielle Bosma

Twenty twelve took me on a journey to YWAM Brisbane to do my Discipleship Training School.

For the next four years I joined staff and was involved in a variety of departments, ministries and schools, my most recent being our local ministry team. 

The heart of that team is believing that the passions, gifting and training we each have aren't just for us, and aren't just for “someday”. We believe each person is called and equipped to actively transform the environment around them today. 

Our team was created out of that same heart, to further equip and mobilise our base and the local church to reach our community and impact the nations. Our aim is to step through, one person, one ministry, one moment at a time.

Within the team, I was a part of running Religious Education classes, an identity program, as well as developing friendships with the kids in the schools.

During this time I felt a sense of belonging in the community and my sphere of influence expanded incredibly. Real relationships with the local school's kids were formed through going into schools, seeing them at our weekly sport in the park event, in The Meeting Place Cafe and around the area. I felt in my element as I developed consistency with the kids and was able to truly value them as individuals.

I have felt very encouraged by this community, the connections I have made and the people I have met. Being in Brisbane has taught me a lot of life lessons and I am forever thankful for my time there. 

I have been home for three months now studying child and youth care at university, all the while building connections and being an influence here. As I have spent time with people and shared stories, I can see the fruit of my influence affecting people.


The Vision

paris burrell

Friday night evangelism started with a leap of faith from five DTS students and one staff member, with the desire to be the light in what was thought of as the darkest place in Brisbane. It since turned into so much more. 

For the past few months God has put it on our hearts to "show up" to Fortitude Valley between midnight and 5am every Friday. Not with the intention to preach, to force Jesus down people’s throats or to judge but simply to love those around us, as He does unconditionally without requirements.

From here we've seen God move our own lives and the lives of others. 

Each week we have shown up, been available and seen God doing the rest. 

In just a few months, we've seen Friday nights in the Valley transformed by prayer. What used to be the busiest night has become the slowest. Every week we hear more partiers, bouncers and dancers tell us how Friday's are a lot quieter now, and the more quiet it gets the more conversations and divine encounters we have.

Every week is different and we never know what to expect so we mentally prepare and equip ourselves by praying and worshipping beforehand. 

God has shown me how His light shines through us and people are drawn to it like magnets. On one of our first nights out, we prayed and asked for people to be drawn to us. That's exactly what happened. As soon as we stepped off the train people randomly started chatting with us. From inside the bathrooms all the way to outside the clubs. A young man we met asked for prayer and was healed from anxiety, something of hindrance to him that he put up with for years. He was so amazed that he went and found three of his friends and insisted we pray for them too. In total we prayed for around 30 people and we only started one of those conversations. 

These last few months we've seen God move in ways we never imagined possible. He has continuously revealed more of our gifts, talents and abilities and most of all His love for each of his children through showing up and doing what we believed was the impossible.


Current Schools

Basic Leadership School
September 2015, January 2016, July 2016, September 2016, January 2017
Music, Art and Dance DTS
October 2016
Beach 2 Bush DTS
February 2017

Health and Fitness DTS
February 2017

Music, Art, and Dance DTS
February 2017

Upcoming School

        Bible Core Course
        April 2017

        School of Digital Filmmaking
        August 2017

        School of Acting for the Screen
        August 2017

        Beach to Bush DTS
        August 2017

        August 2017

        Basic Leadership School
        July 2017

Praise reports

Our Music, Arts and Dance DTS students are returning from outreach this weekend, with many stories to tell of Gods goodness.

We acknowledge and honour the legacy that a few long term staff have left with YWAM Brisbane as they have felt called into new places.

YWAM Prague will officially be pioneered in April as members from our base make their way there.

Prayer Requests

We are praising God for breakthrough with visas and we are still pressing in for more, as we seek answers beyond what we know.

North Brisbane Easter Festival was pioneered by YWAM Brisbane last year and will be running again over the Easter weekend. We would love prayers for good weather, a smooth set up and for the community to come and have an enjoyable time. 

We are in the process of expanding and building on our property, as we are excited and expectant for more students and staff to join us. We appreciate the prayers and support as we raise $333,000. If you feel led to give, you can do so by clicking here.