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What's New!

Rebecca Bowie


YWAM Brisbane is home to over one hundred people every year. As well as this, we are nestled amongst a bustling community. High schoolers, church goers and tradesmen all enjoy our property as much as those it’s home too. And our hope is only to grow. To expand. To reach out. With open arms to invite more people to call this place home.

Many relationships are created through our weekly Sport in the Park event and downstairs in our cafe, which as the connection deepens they often become a part of our broader family. 

With this heart, our vision was to build an auditorium that could host larger groups of people. Including; monthly worship evenings, Discipleship Training School events and any sort of large scale celebration. 

For those who have been a part of the journey, thank you for praying. We officially opened our new auditorium on Friday the first of June! Our Base Director Dave, cut a ribbon outside the front of the building to commemorate. We also had live music, a flash mob and lots of good food. Many pastors, YWAM friends and supporters came out to celebrate the night with us.

We know and truly believe this has only been possible because of God and the support of so many. During the evening, we honored and gave thanks to so many who have come alongside us. Local churches, builders, architects, plumbers, tilers. The list really is endless.

Thank you for partnering with us as we grow and expand. Keep reading to see more photos from the evening below.

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Get to know our staff!

Interview with Isaac Tucker by Rebecca Bowie

How long have you been with YWAM Brisbane?
I have been involved with YWAM for about 15 months. Upon graduating from my Discipleship Training School (DTS), I felt called back to be a part of the Creative Development Ministry Team (CDMT). I had so many passions and gifts, but I didn’t really know what to do with them. Serving with CDMT, I’ve had many opportunities to figure out how to best use my gifts in ways that I am passionate about. It does not feel like it’s been that long, but here I am. 

What is your current role within the base?
I am currently the social media manager and base photographer. I am also on the worship team and involved with just about every event that happens on our centre. With creating social media strategies and finding the right photo to post, the heart of my job is to communicate. With the way we use social media today, it is very important that we stay on the front line of communication by staying relevant. I am also a Photo Art Focus Afternoon (AFA) leader which means I teach our DTS students twice a week about photography and help them grow in their skills. 

What were you previously involved in within YWAM Brisbane?
I did not know anything about YWAM, until the year I did my DTS. I found the Music Art Dance (MAD) DTS. I was fresh out of high school with crazy dreams and a heart for serving. On DTS I was surrounded by opportunities to live out my faith and find my calling. 

What are your hobbies? 
I really love drawing buildings and I can’t explain why. I carry my sketch book around with me almost everywhere I go, just in case I see something I don’t want to forget. I also really enjoy cleaning, organizing, and making lists. Especially making lists, it’s definitely in my DNA, thanks to my grandma and mom. 

What has been a highlight or one of your favorite things about being a part of YWAM Brisbane?
YWAM Brisbane is really a one of a kind creative hub. Every couple of months you have new artists bringing fresh perspective into the community. And not just writers or just painters, you also have the photographers, sculptors, dancers, musicians, directors, producers, and every kind of talent in one area. It’s incredible! There is no place where everyone’s personal creativity is more highly valued and developed then at YWAM Brisbane.

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Missions Testimony 

Gretta Coates

Before I even arrived for my DTS, I felt a strong sense that I would be in Australia for the entire six months, rather than going elsewhere after Lecture Phase ended and once Outreach Phase began. This puzzled me since I love to travel to new places and thought that going somewhere new to do missions work would be exciting. It felt like an odd premonition to have, considering I didn’t even know there was such a thing as “Team Australia.”

I remember the night outreach locations were presented to our DTS, and the first location to pop up on the screen was Australia. I was shocked. I felt a deep burning in the pit of my stomach and suddenly understood more fully why God had given me the impression that I would be staying in Australia the whole time. 

Being a part of Team Australia, I wasn’t stretched in a cultural sense. I wasn’t trying to learn a foreign language or learning to eat exotic foods (unless Kangaroo sausages are exotic). But I grew in my character. I learned how to resolve conflict up front and how to run to God when I felt like I couldn’t go on. The joy of the Lord truly became my strength. 

Among all the ministry opportunities, one of the highlights for me was interacting with so many school kids and youth who seemed inquisitive about God. I loved their honesty and deep questions about life and faith. It definitely made sense to me why Jesus tells us to come to Him like little children. 

In the afternoons, we would often go to the skate park and skateboard. This opened up a huge door of ministry for us. In our last town Casino, when we arrived at the park on that first day,  the kids dropped their BMX bikes and came running over to talk to us. Over the course of the next few days, we connected with more of the kids from Casino. I was sitting on the sidelines one afternoon watching the kids bike and skate board while talking to one of their grandmothers. She pointed to all the kids at the skate park and said, “None of these children live with their parents. There is such a problem with drug and alcohol abuse here that they are all either in foster care or live with their grandparents.” It gave me insight into why these kids seemed so hungry for role models.

One afternoon, I was trying to learn how to do a trick on one of the ramps and I fell. Two of the girls that I had gotten to know over the few days, came running over to me and said, “Are you okay, Mom?” In that moment, I saw how eager these kids were for mothering, for nurturing. Through that experience, I realized that the deep compassion that I felt towards these kids was God’s way of using the pain of my own childhood to bring hope to them. 

Outreach opened my eyes to see ways that I can live my life in such a way as to invite ministry into the everyday and sometimes mundane moments of life, by connecting with the people whom God allows to cross my path.

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Community Connections

Cara Nacke

A year ago I arrived at YWAM Brisbane as a new member of our mobilization team, Go Teams. They are dedicated to actively living out the truth of God in relevant, consistent and evangelical ways in every area of life and to further equip staff, students and community members to do the same. We believe each person is called to equip and actively transform the environment around them. We work directly with state schools, churches, organizations and individuals, acting as a bridge for them to serve and lift each other up. 

Through the support of this team, I was ready to kick start some new art ministry. When I heard there was an opportunity to paint a mural on a street local to our Campus, I was excited to bless the community while doing one of the things I love most!  

Opposite a cafe, are four pillars installed by Brisbane City Council. They are placed there for The Chamber of Commerce in order to show recognition to people they want to honour. One is to honor  Dr. Johnson Wong.

They had pictured a simple, yet eloquent grapevine design. To have a reference point, I looked up different images and settled on this with a sunset in the background.

What was fun about this project is that people from the community would stop by every once in a while and have a conversation. I got to tell them I was doing volunteer work with YWAM and many thanked me for adding my own beauty to Blackwood Street. 

My commitment at YWAM ended a couple of weeks ago, and since then I have been home in America. Its awesome thinking that in one of the places I cherish, with people I love, I have left my mark.

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The Vision

LeAnn Yoder

Event Nights at the Café- Hip Hip Hooray!

There has been quite the buzz at The Meeting Place Café over the past few months and we’d like to tell you why! Our vision here at TMPC has always been to “Create Community and Extend Hope”. We love designing atmospheres that bring joy, peace, and a safe space to explore creativity and spark new friendships. We do this through cozy surroundings, prophetic coffee ministry, the Blue Door Project, and… SATURDAY NIGHT EVENTS


Though we’ve hosted occasional open mic and game nights in the past, we would like to take it to the next level by offering a fun and new experience everySaturday night (certain holidays excluded). A few of our most recent events have included: 

  • Coffee & Canvas: An evening of Bob Ross-esque painting lessons while sipping on your favourite cuppa.
  • Bake-Off: Enter your most tasty dessert for a possibility to win a TMPC gift certificate OR be a judge by purchasing a beverage and enjoying a sample of each delicious treat.
  • Board Game Night: We supply the games, you supply the friends and thick shake bets.
  • Live Music: Sometimes we like to set up a low-key stage for local musicians to host a show (must sign up and be approved in advance).
  • Trivia: Show off your plethora of random facts or pray for good luck. And don’t forget to sign up a few of your smartest friends for a chance to win a team prize!
  • Play Doh Night: Yes, you heard right. Channel your inner toddler and help your teammates create themed objects out of play doh that will be judged- winner takes all (the coffee)!  

So there’s your sneak peek of what we’ve been up to around here. Our wonderful team is super excited to continue hosting these fun nights and would love if you joined us! Hopefully through the free/very affordable events, we can bring YWAM Brisbane and the community of Mitchelton closer together! Stop by the Café or keep an eye out for our Instagram stories (@the_meeting_place) to see what our upcoming events will be.



Current Schools

Basic Leadership School
September 2016, January 2017, July 2017, September 2017, January 2018

Beach 2 Bush DTS
February 2018

Health & Fitness DTS
February 2018

Music Art Dance (MAD) DTS
February 2018

Photo and Video DTS
February 2018

Coffee and Communications DTS
February 2018

Upcoming Schools

Basic Leadership School
July 2018

Beach 2 Bush
August 2018

August 2018

School Of Digital Filmmaking
August 2018

School Of Acting For The Screen
August 2018

Bible Core Course
September 2018

Praise Reports

Our February DTS students are in ten different outreach locations for two months. We are praising God that they could go, take what they have learnt and influence the Nations.

The vision for our auditorium has been in prayer and thought for over five years. It was exciting to see the full process. Starting from prayer, to laying the foundation. Then painting, tiling and celebrating the opening of the building and all it will be used for.

We were blessed with more than enough money to finish our auditorium, which allowed us the privilege to finish of renovating and redecorating our dormitories. 

Prayer Requests

As we continue to expand, we are continuing to fight and believe for finances to build and renovate more of our buildings. As well as build new staff accomodation. Will you join us in praying for God's provision and leading in this?

We want to be a bigger influence among the community! We are praying and seeking Gods heart on what He has and how we can join in what He is doing.

Our new students! As you can see we have quite a few new schools beginning in the next few months. We are praying for them as they organize and get everything together to join us at YWAM Brisbane!

Thank You!