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“Hesed” in Hebrew has such a depth of meaning. It means mercy, compassion, love, grace and faithfulness. Hesed isn’t merely an emotion or feeling it is an action word that demands a relational interaction between two beings.

Hesed describes love and loyalty that inspires merciful compassionate behaviour toward another person.

Hesed expressed an essential part of God’s character in the Old Testament. When God appeared to Moses, He described Himself as “abounding in” or “filled with” hesed, which is translated “love and faithfulness,” “unfailing love,” “faithful love,” “steadfast love,” and “loyal love,” depending on the Bible version (Exodus 34:6–7).

Tom Hallas highlighted this word “Hesed” to us in our Monday morning meeting. The thought that holiness is relational and looks like love and kindness because God looks like “abounding in Hesed”. Inspired us to look at holiness in a new light.

The question he left us with to ponder on is “who in your life do you need to show love and kindness to today? And are you willing to step out and reach out to them?”

We leave you this food for thought. Or coffee for thought.

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