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Grow in your influence as a Christ-like leader. This hands-on program will deepen your own walk with God, as you disciple others in their faith. Plus, you'll have a blast on the staff team at YWAM Brisbane.

We believe leadership and influence is developed out of relationship and not a title or position. That's why the Basic Leadership School (BLS) is more than simply sitting in a classroom. 

You'll be stretched as a leader as you learn, and then do. Some track opportunities available to you through the BLS include: a role working with our DTS students throughout their school; cafe internship track learning coffee, hospitality and business as a ministry; contributing in one of our many other ministries and operational functions - whatever you choose, you will be challenged to grow in your leadership and learn more of what it looks like to live life on mission.

All the while, you will receive training on topics such as working in a ministry team, public speaking, Bible study and understanding Biblical worldview, evangelism and missions, leadership, discipling others, leading worship and prayer times, as well as training in your chosen track. 

Upon successfully completing the 18-month BLS, you will receive a Certificate IV in Christian Missions with YWAM Training. We say: "...with YWAM Training" - but the greater vision for this course is that you would graduate with both knowledge and life experience that will encourage you to use your full potential as a Christ-like leader.








Throughout my BLS I learned that staying consistent with reading the Bible and having quiet times is not the most important thing, but that consistently connecting with the Lord is the most important thing even if sometimes it’s also the hardest. God taught me how to seek growth and how to do it with Him.



My BLS helped me to grow in my confidence as a leader. It showed me that I couldn't just have confidence in the things I was strong in, but also confident in my weaknesses, because HIS power is made perfect in my weakness.



The story of my BLS is a story of building in partnership with God.  Building takes time, and when it’s done in excellence and is built to last, it takes even more time.  It will never be a completed work and will never be perfect. Because I’m not.  But it will be really really good.  Cause God is really really good.  And He’s doing it with me.



BLS was arguably two of the most character building years of my life. I’ll always be thankful for the ample life experience and fun memories I walked away with.



BLS has taught me a lot about the Lord's faithfulness and how necessary humility and leaning on Him for my sufficiency is in leadership. Stewardship is a privilege! Learning to lead with the Lord is a joy! Getting to walk with Holy Spirit in easy and difficult moments is such a gift!



During BLS I learned how to share the challenges I went through and to speak about the victories. I learned that if I open up to people around me, I get strengthened by them and can use my own story and victories to build up people around me. My victories were never just for myself but for others to be strengthened by as well. 



BLS gave me space to fail and to learn and grow. To trust in God and praise Him even when my circumstances look ugly.



For me BLS was very character building, It was all about me practically learning how to align my heart with God's. It was one of the most challenging things I’ve done but the most rewarding. 



BLS was an incredible opportunity to really step into leadership practically, without being thrown helplessly in the deep end. Throughout my commitment, I really saw God bring about so many words that had been spoken over me in my teenage years, and got to reinvest what I had learned in my DTS back into other young adults going hard after Jesus and missions.



BLS has challenged me to think about ideas and topics that I wouldn’t have typically chosen to study on my own. I have loved seeing God’s heart for His people shine through each module we’ve studied and I’ve grown in understanding of the need for people to go out and influence people and places for the glory of God.



Monthly Room and Board Fees:

Approx. $465 AUD per month

For currency conversion, click here. Cost includes food, housing, hospitality, wifi, and much more. This does not include travel to Brisbane, visas, overseas outreach flights, vaccinations, travel or health insurance, or personal spending.

Cost of Lecture Phase:

$500 AUD

This includes tuition, guest lecturers, Does not include things like visas, health insurance, first aid training, personal spending, laundry costs, outgoing calls etc. - please inquire.


16 Sept 2024 - April 2026

6 January 2025 - August 2026




The Basic Leadership School is one of our 2nd level training courses. The Discipleship Training School is the only pre-requisite to this course. The Basic Leadership School is a Certificate IV level course providing training in general Christian ministry and leadership. As a part of the training, participants join a ministry or department to outwork the principles and skills they’re learning. This is a full-time, live-in course, operating in a missionary position.


Grow in your influence as a Christ-like leader. This hands-on program will deepen your own walk with God, as you disciple others in their faith

Want to know more? Click here to check out the BLS handbook.

Our Basic Leadership School is Centrelink Approved which means that Australian citizens could be eligible for AusStudy, AbStudy, or Youth Allowance. Click here for Centrelink homepage. To learn more about YWAM Brisbane qualifications and accreditation, click here

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