Qualifications and Accreditation


Qualifications and Accreditation

YWAM Brisbane's training courses are a part of YWAM Training which is registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority to deliver accredited courses to Australian and overseas students and, as such, operates in accordance with those standards for providing training and assessment.

In participating in the training programs offered here at YWAM Brisbane, you will be receiving programs that are regularly reviewed and renewed to maintain a standard of high quality and in accordance with the standards and requirements held by the ASQA. 

YWAM Training

Certificate iii and iv

YWAM Training Brisbane is recognised with Youth with a Mission (YWAM) International. We are a registered training organisation to offer a variety of accredited and non-accredited courses of learning both in and from Australia. 

Students who complete either the DTS (Discipleship Training School) or BLS (Basic Leadership School) will receive a CERT III in Discipleship or a CERT IV in Christian Missions, respectively, at the end of their training time. All qualifications provided by YWAM Brisbane are accredited within the Australia Qualifications Framework. Be sure to check the course you are interested in to find out the specifics of its accreditation and which qualification you will receive upon completion of the course.



University of the nations

Associate, Bachelor & Master degrees

YWAM Training Brisbane is recognised with YWAM International's University of the Nations (UofN). All courses offered at Ywam Brisbane are recognised internationally within the UofN. After graduating a DTS students could go on to study any number of secondary courses within the UofN either here in Brisbane or at any number of the hundreds of YWAM bases worldwide. 

The University of Nations offers courses /practicums/ internships in over 160 nations worldwide.* Additionally, Associate, Bachelor, and Master degrees are granted upon the completion of the corresponding degree plans. For more information about the UofN, accreditation, and degree plans click here. 

*Taken from the University of Nations website