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"To see young people who know that they are called & sent by God to be His witnesses in the world, & who choose to respond to that calling with confidence."

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Go Teams oversees much of the training and practical preparation that goes into getting our teams ready for ministry, both overseas and locally. We aim to send out teams that are able to hit the ground running, because they’ve already been equipped to overcome obstacles that commonly crop up within teams and in cross-cultural ministry. This equipping takes shape in general outreach education, the facilitation of team building activities, location-specific skills training, and much more.


To train and equip teams of young believers from all backgrounds to be witnesses of Jesus through short-term outreaches at the local, regional and global levels.

This is accomplished through outreach preparation lectures, workshops, facilitating team building activities. We are resourcing short term teams to reach long term objectives as we send wave after wave of young people into cities around the world to partner with the local church and to preach the gospel in culturally-relevant ways with clarity and compassion.


To transform our local community, even as we are being transformed by Christ.


Our focus on the nations should never distract from the impact we have the moment we walk out our front door. Serving our local community in Mitchelton is a natural overflow of our love and pursuit of God and inseparable from our pursuit of His Kingdom around the world.  Our ministry helps coordinate YWAM Brisbane’s partnership with churches across the city, support chaplaincy and religious education in public state schools, chapel services in Christian private schools, homeless ministries, weekly evangelism in the city, practical services to our neighbours in need from grocery delivery to lawn care, hosting weekly sports and arts programs, holiday events and so much more.


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We're all familiar with surfaces. They are the initial layer of what we see; what people display to us, and what we project to others. They're our first impressions, our general assumptions. If we're careful, we can live our whole lives skating on surfaces.

But often there is complex beauty to behold when we gather the courage to break beneath the surface of something - like the scintillating inside of a geode, we just might discover a brilliance beyond what was admitted in our first glance.

How often do you dig into your own heart?

How deeply do you dig into God's heart?

We created this devotional to bring people into a space where they can be blown away and transformed by the beauty of God (and to recognize some of the beauty He's hidden inside of you). We pray this devotional serves as a gentle excavation tool that helps you dig a little deeper, and discover some of the glory resting beneath the surface of your relationship with God.

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