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Grow into the authority God has given you. Learn to minister with the Holy Spirit. Develop the gifts the Father has given you. Discover God's plan and purpose for your life.



The Kingdom School of Mission will help you to know your authority as a son of God and to walk in wisdom and power as Jesus did. You will grow in your relationship with God, learn to minister His love and discover how to walk with the Holy Spirit.

Most importantly you will grow in your understanding of God's kingdom, His great plan for the world and the gifts and calling He has for you in advancing His kingdom.


Former training and/or DTS is not required before taking this course.

Our heart...

Gideon was a young man so intimidated by the intensity of the world around him that he hid in a cistern. When God called him to be a mighty man of valour He also gave him the assurance of his kingdom authority and the power needed to do all that he was called to do powerful leader in his time and a great hero of faith.

The Kingdom School of Mission equips every day Believers with a greater understanding and confidence in the authority, gifts and power the Father has given us through His Son as we walk with the Holy Spirit. He gives us this kingdom power and authority to reach the lost, to disciple nations and to advance His kingdom.

School Dates:

31 July - 25 Aug

Cost of this Course:


Lecture Topics:

The King and His Kingdom

The King’s Way

The King’s Commission

The King’s Authority

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