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For emerging young leaders who are seeking to join an exciting vision and ministry where they can find a place to express their gifts and talents and develop their leadership calling.

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The objective of SLAM is to help launch you into an exciting vision and ministry that may be a good match for you and your gifts.

To help facilitate this process SLAM will include a specifically developed lecture phase followed by a strategically planned ministry tour. 



The Lecture Phase topics have been chosen carefully with the objective of developing YOU, and your gifts and strengths and your calling as a leader.


The lectures will focus on helping you to better understand yourself,  your talents and your strengths, and also the the lens through which you look and operate from as a person and as a leader.

There will be a strong emphasis on:

  • Knowing your identity and authority as a believer

  • Walking in faith and in the power and authority of the Holy Spirit.

  • Growing in sharing the Gospel

  • Understand your vision & how to develop it

  • Leadership and the ways God developers his people. 

  • How to understand the culture & worldview you'll be ministering in & what the Lord is doing in the nation you'll be ministering in. 

Your time will also include mentoring from some of YWAMs more experienced leaders, fathers and mothers in the mission.

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The 9-week ministry phase will expose you to some really exciting ministry opportunities in various YWAM centres in Australia, as well as some new pioneering possibilities.

This will be a time where you, as a team, will be serving and ministering in various locations. It will be your opportunity to consider where there may be a place long term for you and your gifts. A place where you may feel you belong and could see your gifts and talents being expressed. A place where your leadership calling could grow.




If you're interested in YWAM SLAM or have any questions, please send us an email at

We hope to see you at YWAM SLAM in Australia or Japan in 2025!

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