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A time to serve the Lord

The 12-month Kairos Church Internship is a unique partnership between Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and the local church. YWAM will provide much of the formal training to prepare you for ministry. With this equipping you will then begin your season of faith-based ministry and service with your local church.

There are two Internship pathways to consider. Either pathway include a rich learning experience at the YWAM centre in Brisbane, living in Christian community alongside other interns and many of YWAM’s young missionaries from around the world. This unique environment will be a life-changing experience packed with fun, fellowship, powerful revelation and personal God encounters to prepare you for ministry service and your future faith walk.

Once you have received training with YWAM, you will begin your time of service with your local church. This time could include helping with (and perhaps eventually leading) kids and youth ministry, prayer groups, Bible studies, holiday programs and worship. It will also include administrative and support work, service projects and honing skills that are essential for ministry and life. Each church will have a different approach for releasing Interns into ministry tasks and leadership responsibilities.



Option 1:

Start with 6 months of ministry training at YWAM Brisbane through the world-famous Discipleship Training School (DTS), followed by 6 months of ministry service in your local church. YWAM Brisbane offers several DTSs throughout the year, each of which are Austudy-approved and offer government funding.

Obviously, this option provides far greater preparation with the quality of ministry training provided by the DTS experience, but it leaves less time for ministry within the local church. This arrangement may be preferred by the intern and church leadership team due to the training quality and the time allowed for church work can be addressed by simply extending the Internship to provide greater time for engagement with the local church and community after the DTS training.

Option 2:

Kick the Internship off in January with a 2-week Kairos Encounter training conference at YWAM Brisbane with all the other Interns. Then launch directly into living by faith and hands-on learning within your local church. An additional 2-week Faith Booster conference will draw all the Interns back to YWAM Brisbane again halfway through the year to reconnect, receive further training and press in to God together. Interns will then head back to serve their local church and likely take up new responsibilities and opportunities.

This option provides less training and equipping than Option 1, but more time of service with the local church. In this case, the local church leadership team may wish to provide some additional training and input along the way to support, equip and empower the young intern for ministry.




The Kairos Church Internship is an invitation for passionate young disciples to spend a year living by faith through ministry, service and working alongside the Pastor in their local church.

The 12-month Internship will be a powerful season of your life growing in leadership, developing your gifts and talents, and increasing your capacity for ministry and service in your local church and community. Working
full-time alongside your local Pastor will be a great privilege, and the challenge will certainly stretch you and have you asking some of the hard questions regarding His faithfulness, His power, His provision and His love for you and your community. You will also grow tremendously in your relationship with God, your identity in Christ, your foundations and your faith and confidence in God.

The Kairos Church Internship is not just for those who plan to spend the entirety of their lives in church-specific ministry but will be a tremendous growing experience for any young Believer who loves the Lord and wishes to grow in their faith and develop greater understanding and love for the local Church.

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