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Updated April 29th, 9:20 AM

Hello Family & Friends of YWAM Brisbane,

At this stage, the entire world is aware of Coronavirus (COVID-19) & health & government news outlets are keeping the public well informed with the moment-to-moment statistics & advisories. We are acutely aware of our duty of care for the personal and collective safety of our students, staff & ministry partners. Moreover, we realise that being an international training & missions organisation means that we carry a responsibility for not just personal concerns, but also those of friends & families abroad.


We continue to monitor updates from the World Health Organisation, Australian national & regional governments & travel advisories to ensure we are adhering to all legal & health advisories & are prepared to make additional adjustments quickly if they become prudent. We have directly consulted with national leaders & health authorities & there are ongoing discussions amongst the centre leadership about protocols that will continue to adapt to updates from health authorities & government releases.

Please know that while physical wellbeing is tantamount, we also care about how students & staff are doing on an emotional level, as we know that each person responds differently to these types of circumstances. We are keeping everyone corporately informed & involved to ensure safety & confidence in the process. Additionally, we have & will continue to meet with any person on our centre that has expressed feeling concerned or vulnerable to help resource them & find the best way forward for each individual.

If you are wondering about current schools:

Our current Discipleship Schools are being well cared for & monitored above & beyond health & government standards & the schools are still fully operational. Each week is filled with Biblical lectures, intentional processing & arranged ministry & each student is receiving the full measure of what they signed up for.

Currently the Australian international borders remain closed to international travellers due to COVID-19 restrictions. If you are currently overseas, we'd love to receive your application. We will contact you about the timing for your arrival, so please still let us know of your interest! Those from New Zealand are welcome to apply. Receiving your application now means we can process it now &, once the borders open, we can make final arrangements for visas quickly.

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