Pathfinders DTS

Find Your Path

or get yourself lost... the fun is in the journey right?


Pathfinders DTS

Find Your Path

or get yourself lost... the fun is in the journey right?

Seek the Truth.  Find your Path.  Change the World.
Embark on a life-changing adventure with your Creator while discovering your destiny.

About the Pathfinders DTS

The Pathfinder DTS is about finding God personally in the 21st century. It is about equipping you to discover your strengths, identity, and passions, and find your calling.

The Pathfinders DTS is a powerful adventure and life changing experience. Sometimes we need to be taken into the wilderness to expose the secrets of our heart. Often, we don't know our strength and courage until it's been tested and tried. Lecture phase will take you into the wilderness to explore those things hidden. Each year, Pathfinders heads to Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world, as well as many other places to seek after God in the midst of His creation.

Outreach is a time to put the lessons learned into practice. We focus on reaching backpackers from all around the globe. Whether it’s visiting well known backpacking towns around Australia, like Byron Bay, or hitting the trail in your outreach location, there is a world searching for truth and looking for direction. We hike to distant villages, reach out to fellow trail hikers, and prayer walk through mountains to unreached villages all to spread the gospel, and the adventure only starts there.

Lastly, as part of Pathfinders we also focus on engaging the different spheres in society. We seek to discover God’s design for society in the areas of Business, Media, Education, Family, Religion, Science and Technology, as well as Arts and Entertainment. We meet and interact with leaders in their industries and learn from how they incorporate God into their workplace. We want you to dream, plan, and to chart an exciting path into the future while understanding your gifts, talents, and values. The Pathfinder DTS will equip you with the mission and vision you need to be the world changer God created you to be!


About the DTS

The Discipleship Training School consists of two phases. First the lecture phase where you hear topics that take you deeper into your relationship with God. You learn things like the character and nature of God, Hearing His voice, God's Father heart for us.

The Outreach phase takes a more practical approach and applies the principles of loving others all over the world. Teams from the DTS split up and travel to different outreach destinations. In short, you first get to know God, then focus on making Him known.


During the DTS, you'll have lectures on biblical topics such as
- The Character and Nature of God
- Hearing the Voice of God
- The Father Heart of God
- Spiritual Warfare, Worship & Intercession
- Relationships
- Biblical Worldview

Cost of Lecture Phase:  $4400 AUD

For currency conversion, click here. This includes tuition, accomodation, meals, lecture phase Australian outreaches. Does not include things like visas, health insurance, personal spending, laundry costs, or outgoing calls.


This is where the rubber meets the road! The outreach phase is where you take what you've just learned in the classroom and make it practical! You'll be spending 7-8 weeks serving in different locations, locally and internationally with a team from your DTS. Outreach locations vary depending on the school and/or focus. You'll find out your outreach locations during your school. Fees Also vary according to the location you're going to.

Cost of Outreach Phase: $3000 - $5000

Cost varies based on destination. This includes overseas outreach flights, accommodation, meals, transportation. Does not include things like vaccinations, travel insurance, or personal spending.

Upcoming School Dates

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Our Discipleship Training Schools are Centrelink Approved which means Australian citizens could be eligible for AusStudy, AbStudy, or Youth Allowance. Click here for Centrelink homepage. To learn more about YWAM Brisbane qualifications and accreditation, click here. 



Check out videos, pictures and blog posts from the Pathfinders


Check out videos, pictures and blog posts from the Pathfinders

Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference.
— Robert Frost

Pathfinders family photo album

FIND YOUR PATH...IN Queensland's National Parks

Lamington National Park

Explore the Aussie rainforest, complete with waterfalls!


Fraser Island

Spend a week of lectures backpacking to fresh water lakes and giant sand dunes on the largest sand island in the world.  

karl fraser.jpg

Girraween National Park

Come up close and personal with kangaroos and big boulders in the Granite Belt.


Find your path... a different perspective

Pathfinders is about finding your path in life just as much as it's about finding your path on a hike. You don't have to be on the mission field to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth, here and now! Unique to the Pathfinders DTS is the time we take to look at the 7 Spheres of Influence, which are categories of culture-shaping professions that catalyze powerful transformation when Jesus-lovers are involved. We want to champion individuals in what they're passionate about, helping you discover and step into whatever you think your "path" may be! We want for you to find your path, so let’s take a look from a different perspective.


     family        church       education  government      media     entertainment  business

Loren Cunningham (YWAM Founder) shares about the importance of understanding and engaging with 7 spheres of society.

Pathfinders Blog



Meet the Team

Check out the team that will be a part of the next school

Meet the Team

Check out the team that will be a part of the next school

August Staff Team


From the School Leader...

I am really excited to be leading the next Pathfinders DTS! Not just because of how much I like adventures and the beauty of Australia, or the feeling you get after climbing a mountain; those factors are awesome, but by far the best part of the DTS is to see God transform lives! I believe taking half a year to seek God is such a good way to respond to the invitation He has extended to all of us... The invitation to more of Him. So come join a life changing adventure!


From the Staff...

My favourite thing about Pathfinders is the simplicity that nature and roadtrips bring. Going camping and going back to basics really helps me shed unnecessary layers in my life and helps me realign my values!
— Nicole Webb
I think you can see so much of God’s character in the world He designed. It’s really easy to fall more and more in love with God as you spend time hiking around admiring His handiwork!
— Mayce Fischer
I chose Pathfinders because I love adventure! Hiking in nature while learning more about God and myself, getting friends from every nation... Sounds pretty sweet.
— Mathias Bruun Simonsen